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Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Three years have passed!

We got engaged in Barcelona in May three years ago, two days before my 30th birthday and I distinctly remember him telling me, “I have no intention to have a long engagement.” 

What I didn’t realise he was actually saying is I had less than 4 months to organise a wedding. It was so hush hush that some of our friends thought I was pregnant.

We got married and signed the paper at St Peter’s Catholic Church in Toorak. We love our priest so much that we had Henry baptised by him recently.
 We were also very lucky to have the lady from the Melbourne Club. She has done an enormous amount of work for us. I wouldn’t have thought of half the things she suggested us to do. 

Obviously with less than 4 months to plan, I couldn’t get a gown made in time. In fact, I had to fly my Pronovias gown in from Barcelona as all the dealers here require you to order 6 months in advance.

My wedding shoes arrived in the office two days before our wedding. Cutting it too fine!

And the finer details…

Custom made cookies doubled as placecards 

Part of my wedding dowry/gift from my parents…

Happy wedding anniversary, my love. I love you (and hate you) everyday! xx

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