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My First Mothers Day…

as a mother, that is.

 Waking up to flowers, coffee and morning bun from my favourite patisserie Millstone this morning. The man who never believes in “commercialised celebrations” and whinges about “overpriced pastries” queued up in the rain for my morning treat.

I can’t believe that little blob of flesh has turned into a babbling little man in such a short time. So proud to be the mother of this cheeky little fella!

They say being a mother is a thankless job. Well, if you look at motherhood as a “job”, then yes. You’re on call 24/7. Your hourly pay is ZERO. Your “boss” is needy, temperamental or even unpredictable. You have no leave entitlements or sick leave. And you don’t ever get to quit! Think of it as a job, then you’ve just condemned yourself to a lifetime of misery.

But it shouldn’t be a job. Motherhood (or parenthood) is the greatest project human beings have embarked on. It is what we are genetically engineered to do. Isn’t it amazing how you, just another person in the world, can be the whole world to this little person? He might not be able to thank you or send you flowers yet, but he loves you with all his little heart. Is that not enough?

We go through the same ups and downs like all parents. The sleepless nights, the tears, the giggles, the laughter, the cuddles, the public meltdowns… Motherhood is everything they say it is but so much more. The bad times only make you appreciate the good times even more. 

  I feel so blessed to have such a supportive/appreciative husband and so grateful for my healthy, loving, cuddly, cheeky little munchkin. xx


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