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The Hongkies are back in town 

Grandpa and grandma are visiting from Hong Kong and we’re having a lovely (and occasionally stressful – thanks to teething) time in Melbourne.
  img_6028-1.jpeg Henry has been going through episodes of stranger anxiety and it’s been 3 months since little Henry last saw his grandparents from Hong Kong. I expected him to take days to familiarise himself with them again but he instantly warms up to my parents upon arrival! Turns out blood is thicker than water indeed. 

I’m not going to lie – it’s been a stressful week. Bubs is teething and has been throwing a few tantrums here and there. Tonight is the first night I was in despair for the first time. Too tired to drink/eat and too early to go to bed. The next hour and a half was like a battle for endurance. Eventually I had to bring out the paracetamol so he would drink his bottle before bed. What has my pleasant baby gone? 

I hope these new teeth cut through quickly or I’m really going to lose my sanity. 

 Anyone has any teething tips to help us through this?


Sleep tight, sweet heart. Let’s pray tomorrow will be a better day. xx

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