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Winter Blues

Winter blues – in its best form.

If you’re not living in Melbourne, my outfit posts probably got you confused. Summer dress today, winter coat tomorrow. Well, that’s Melbourne for you!

But it looks like winter is coming (sounds very Game of Thrones :p ) and it has been (rather pleasantly) cold the last few days.

Henry and I went out for a quick lunch with a friend of mine today and we were going to look at some new jeans for me after lunch. For some reason, even though I didn’t put on much weight during my pregnancy, I still can’t fit into my old jeans. It’s like my hip has widened and hasn’t shrunk back (do they ever?) I’ve been living in leggings and two pairs of jeans that still fit. I think it’s about time to move on and invest in some new jeans.

I’m wearing an old grey knit by Marc Jacobs with a pair of leather-look leggings. I know it’s a little controversial wearing a short top with leggings but I’ve got a long coat on so I should be excused!

I’m wearing these Valentino rockstud caged flats which are not the most comfortable flats. I tried to sell them on eBay previously but the sale fell through so they’re back in my closet again…


The blue coat is by D.lounge – a Japanese label. I bought this 5-6 years ago and I don’t even know if the brand still exists (fashion labels come and go quickly in Japan). I had forgotten about this coat which has been sitting in the closet in Henry’s room. But As it turns out this jewel-toned coat works really well with the grey/black/white palette.

I’m actually quite excited about this winter – I won’t be stuck in my Collins Street uniforms this year. I won’t be wasting my beautiful dresses underneath  a boring black coat anymore and I can actually have some fun dressing up.

Winter is coming. Stay calm and eat hot pot! xx

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