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Happy 7 Months, darling!


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Time flies when you are a parent, doesn’t it?

7 months ago, I gave birth to my darling boy after a long and tedious birth (3 days in labour and 2.5 hours of pushing to be exact!).

Despite our rocky start, he has been the best baby known to our family. He feeds well, sleeps well (8pm to 7am!) and smiles ALL day long.

When he suddenly stopped wanting to be breastfed at 4.5 month, I realised how sad I was for that special chapter of our lives to end and how silly I was to wish that away. Right there, right then, I decided I would cherish every moment we have together – the good ones and the bad ones.

Now as I watch you crawling around the house like a little trooper and wrecking all my worldly possessions, all I feel in my heart is pride, joy and gratitude.

So next time your baby cries in the middle of the night, don’t be afraid to pick your baby up and give him/her a cuddle. After all, they only stay this little for so long.


Good night, my little man, I look forward to seeing your cute little face in the morning. xx




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