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"I like pretty things" pop up exhibition

we were invited to my friend’s solo pop up exhibition last night in the city. IMG_0135 “I like pretty things” showcases her fashion illustrations exploring the love-hate relationship of our compulsive objectification of women.

IMG_2759 I absolutely love this exhibition and literally spent hours deciding which piece to get because I wanted them all! IMG_2741 Unfortunately my favorite piece “not just a pretty face” was sold before I got there. IMG_0138 I’m very happy with my purchase “mail order bride” nonetheless – another piece to add to my collection.   Thank you for having us. I can’t wait to have this piece up on our wall. Click here to view and purchase other pieces from the series. Free shipping worldwide when you purchase online.

2 thoughts on “"I like pretty things" pop up exhibition
  • Kris says:

    Hey Addie. Do you usually get gel/acrylic nails or do you stick with regular polish? I really like the look of nice groomed painted nails but between the kids, work and housework, regular polish chip off my hands within hours. Haha.

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