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Sneak Preview: Our Nursery

Nursery, checked. Pram, checked. Hospital bag, packed.

Less than 3 weeks to the big debut!

I don’t think I’ve been this excited or impatient.  Two weeks into my maternity leave, the famous “nesting” instinct hasn’t kicked in yet. I have been out and about, catching up with friends everyday instead of frantically cleaning like most expecting mums do in their final weeks.

Going from starting my work at 8am to sleeping in til 10am on my maternity leave is quite a big transition. Before I went on maternity leave, I’d be at work by 8am and already on the phone with my clients by 9:30am. All of a sudden, I have no clients to ring up and I’m trying to find things to do around the house to stay productive.

I thought my husband would be delighted at my newfound initiatives/ interest in housework. I even offered to sack the cleaners and take on the cleaning duties myself ( to which he said, “seriously who are you kidding?”) but he actually looked really uncomfortable/horrified when I asked him what chores he’d like me to do for the day.

“Nothing, I just want you to incubate and put your feet up. You have a lifetime to do your chores.” That’s what he says to me every morning. When pushed futher, he would try to find me “pretend chores” like “buy me some apples and bananas today” or “I’ve run out of shaving cream”.  Oh, my sweet sweet husband.

Anyway here’s a sneak preview of our nursery (sans the baby):

this front room was once my husband’s man cave with his drum kit and stereo.

change table is from. IKEA’s sundvik collection. i spent 3 hours putting it together myself! change pad and cover from Baby Bunting

i bought these prints on Etsy for $40. i bought some cheap photo frames at Officeworks for $120 altogether. The problem is, hubby and i spent 3 hours trying to put these ill fitted frames with no hooks up on our brick wall. If you add in the hourly rates we usually charge for our time , i should have just taken these prints to the frame shop kn the first place!

cushion and throw (and the polka dots toy box shown in another pic) all from Adairs Kids. i love Adairs – we actually floated the company just before i went on maternity leave.

my new ride : iCandy Peach.


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