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Annual Adventure. Drum roll please….

With the arrival of the new financial year, it’s time to plan the annual adventure. My parents are still based in Hong Kong so I usually get summoned home 3-4 times a year. While most of the trips back home are relatively short (2-3 nights), we always try to squeeze in little sneaky trips overseas.

My rule is to do one favourite city and one new city on each trip. Last year, we did Paris (favourite European city) and Barcelona (new city). The year before, we did Hong Kong/Singapore (favourite Asian city) and Shanghai/Beijing. This year, we are, of course, going home for Chinese New Year which my husband has grown to love. But we’re also spending 10 days in France and Switzerland.

Here’s the plan:


Melbourne – Paris – Geneva – St Moritz – Hong Kong – Melbourne

Did I mention that we’re driving down from Geneva to St Moritz via Bern and Lucerne too?
Staying at Giardino Mountain which houses a 2 Michelin-starred restaurant Ristorante Ecco and an award winning spa.


Sure, skiing is great fun. But with all that st moritz has to offer, I’m not sure I want to be skiing all week!
P.s. Thanks for all your emails and feedbacks. I do read them – I just haven’t got time to respond to most of them! So if you have tips for Switzerland, please shoot me an email! xx

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