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Packing for Paris- fall/winter edition

I love going to Paris in winter. Most tourists dread the unforgivingly cold European winter – which means you don’t have to book a table at a michelin- starred restaurant 3 months prior to your visit and you can enjoy the tranquil side of Paris.

One of the greatest pains of travelling in winter is the packing. You want to travel relatively light and travel in style. And really, the two don’t really have to be mutually exclusive. Remember, Parisian chic is all about quality and timeless designs. So if you want to wear a baby blue coat with a white fluffy beret like Carrie Bradshaw did in Paris, be prepared that you are going to stand out like a sore thumb among the understated Parisians. They love black as much as we Melburnians do. I remember my French girlfriend once commented on how wearing bright colours in a big city makes you look a little… provincial – I think I’ll have to agree on that. Bright colours should be used sparingly and toned down with neutral colours and conservative cuts.

Oh, and save your stilettos for restaurants where minimal walking is required. Their beautiful cobblestoned pavements can easily give you a rolled ankle and broken heels

Untitled #3

Untitled #3 by adela-boone featuring gold jewelry

Here’s my foolproof daytime look. The cashmere jumper and wool coat keep you warm and you’ll look smart enough to go anywhere in Paris. The chunky heeled ankle boots elongate your legs and give your feet/ankle enough support (trust me, you do walk a lot in Paris whether you like it or not!). Jazz up your outfits with costume jewellery so you don’t look like your granny with your cashmere sweater and neutral tones.
Keep your hands free – shoulder bags are great when you travel.

Untitled #2

Untitled #2 by adela-boone featuring button down shirts

Christian Louboutin high heel pumps
$730 –

Tory Burch bracelet
$290 –

As for night time, throw in a pair of heels, a clutch and maybe a little faux fur/fur – now you’re ready to party.

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